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Service Unit for Solar Systems

main4solar.jpg With solar fluid fine filter (250 μ) as protection of the pump, the flow check valve(s) and the flow meter against dirt particles (e. g. solder residues and scales particles).

For assembly inside thesolar flow line, above the ball valve.
Completely closable for servicing so that only a small amount of solar fluid has to be refi lled.

Connection to the solar station with self sealing screw connection 3/4’’, outlet 3/4’’ female.

[Item # 56701]

Connecting Set 3/4" for Expansion Tank

con34_4exp.jpgOn the solar station system “FlowCon” to connect the safety set 3/4’’; for max. tank diameter of 440mm.

Stainless steel corrugated hose 3/4“ female - female x 500 mm Wall bracket with fastening material, solar tank connecting coupling 3/4’’
[Item # 437 509]

As before, but tank connecting coupling with integrated cap valve 3/4’’
[Item # 437 509]