Pressure Bypass Set DN32

With self-sealing coupling, installed between flow and return line thermometer ball valve, adjustment range 1-6 m water column.

[Item # 2854] 

  • DN32_Acc1

Connection Set 1.25" Female DN32

Consisting of 2 insertion pieces, for connecting pipes with 1 1/4“ male under modular heating circuits or for the connections mentioned on the right.

[Item # 3731] 

  • DN32_Acc1

Wall Bracket Set [#3722SET]

Using the wall bracket and mounting plate centre distances from 142.5 mm up to 167.5 mm off the wall are possible.

[Item # 3722SET] 

  • DN32_Acc1

Coupling Piece for Overhead Installation DN32

For installing a modular heating circuit under a distribution manifold.

Please note: when using wall brackets an additional mounting plate for the assembly of a 2-fold MV2 modular distribution manifold is necessary.

[Item # 3724] 

  • DN32_Acc2

Mounting Plate DN32

For installation under a modular distribution manifold and for attaching wall brackets.

[Item # 3725] 

  • DN32_Acc2