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  • To Be A Super Installer

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  • Remote Monitoring and Control

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  • Hydronic Heating Modules

    Easy Mounting, Easy Installation, High-Quality Performance

  • Control Logic and Diagram

    Customizing Your Control System-We Are Your Tailor

  • Hydronic Heating Modules

    Ideal for Tight Spaces

  • Control Panel

    CSA Inspection Approval

  • Control Panel

    Standard, Professional and Reliable

Award-Winning Plug & Play Heating Systems

PAW Heating Modules and Distribution Manifolds are premounted groups of fittings for heating distribution.

The Heating Modules are designed such that they can be directly mounted onto a Distribution Manifold or a mounting plate with thread connections (adapters also available).


Single heating modules can thus be combined without any problems and can be arranged in numerous  ways. This extraordinary flexibility is achieved by the modular structure of the entire Solarnetix system.

We offer PAW Hydronic Heating Modules for a broad range of applications such as boiler charging or low-temperature heating systems.All Solarnetix products are made from the highest quality materials available to ensure exceptional performance, high operational reliability and long service life.

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