Nothing happens in business until someone sells something

You sell so that factory can produce the orders, so that the product can be shipped, so that administrative salaries can be paid, and so that the new solar heating system (condensing boiler, pumps etc.) needed for Mr. Bean's house can be purchased.

Selling also happens when you want the bank to loan you money or open the line of credit by the vendor. You must sell your vendor or banker on your ability to repay and perform.  In sales, you have to create your own miracles! Either you sell the customer on YES, or he sells you on NO.

What does it mean to be successful in selling? The current recession is forcing a change in the sales process. A change that puts serving first and selling second. To make enough sales to break even, you must be able to sell someone twice, or sell to a customer who will refer you to someone else. To get a referral requires customer satisfaction which is built only on a friendly relationship.
Selling and not much less buying - is a matter of trust. Trust is only based on honesty and respect. Taking you customers seriously, even if at first look their interest seems to be strange and awkward (it happens, I would say by 90% of new Solar Heating prospects), will make you a good salesperson.

Most products are the same, but YOU, as a solution provider can make the difference!
And that is not an easy task but it can be fun, because here you can be creative!
To work (sell) effectively you need good tools - the rules of selling. You already have some and you use them everyday. Your challenge is not just to use them, but to master them.


Eight Rules for Making Sales

  1. Explain it (sell it) in terms of what the customer wants, needs, and understands. Not in terms of  what you have to offer.
  2. Do you homework; collect personal information. And learn how to use it.
  3. Build friendships. People want to buy from friends, not salespeople.
  4. Build a relationship that no competitor can penetrate.
  5. Establish a bridge. Find common ground (hockey, baseball , having kids) that will draw the two of you closer.
  6. Gain confidence. Not just educate them for free, but built enough confidence to buy, or they'll buy from someone else.
  7. Have fun and be funny. Have a great time selling.  If you can make them laugh, you can make them buy. 
  8. Be authentic. Never get caught selling; nothing is worse when salesperson sounds like a salesperson.

Very soon you will realize that there are thousands of ways of selling. Your personal style is important. Selling is a science, it requires experimentation to determine what works best so you can use the results to make more sales.


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