Love it or leave it.

Are you a sales person who loves sales?
If you are selling Solar, then ask yourself: “If I could sell anything, what would I sell?

If your answer was not Solar then you have uncovered a problem. It is not that you should switch your job immediately, but maybe it is time to think about becoming the best salesperson you can be in every job to which you commit. It is not simply about loving what you do, but about possessing the skills to do what you love in the best way possible.

Solar energy is an attractive energy. It encompasses our shared goal of maintaining a natural, healthy relationship between people and the environment. By selling a solar panel you are selling the idea of a better future.

Believe in what you sell. Believe in the potential of Solar.


The strength of your belief determines your success.

You need to believe in solar technology, your product, in your company, and yourself – or you cannot make sales effectively.

You have to believe that your products and services are not just the best in marketplace, but that they las vegas online casino are also the best value for the customer. If you believe and trust in the fact that your products and services are the best available, then other people will also catch your passion for Solar.

Believe that your customer is better off buying Solar – and buying it from you.

You will have more sales, increased earnings, and greater success.
But what else you get out of Selling Solar Systems?

By selling Solar enthusiastically and passionately, you:

  * Promote a technology that benefits the environment and the society in which you live.
  * Attract new customers.
  * Solidify your existing customer relationships, paving the way for future ones.
  * Grow in knowledge of solar technology, separating you from the competition.

  * Grow in sales competence, making your standard unreachable for the competition.
  * Improve your business image by demonstrating your superior leadership.
  * Reward yourself with the personal satisfaction of being the best you can be.
  * Secure the future of your job or business.

If you have other reasons why you are involved in selling Solar and would like to share them with me and others reading this newsletter, please drop me a note
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