RESOL DeltaSol Controller features - use them to save service calls.

RESOL controllers can do more then just controlling of delta T.  Every RESOL controller comes with watchdog functionality built-in.

We previously have discussed OCX - High Summer Mode or 'Overheating Watchdog Mode' - when a few extra sun hours in high summer could be safely utilized in the solar storage by charging it over the set point, but keeping the tank temperature below the safety high-temperature limit of 95C/203F.

But what will happen if Solar Thermal system maintainers have to deal with two weeks of extra sun hours at a time our customers are away on holidays? Should we go on vacation at the same time and be back on time and ready for a service call? Not with RESOL, my friends!

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Price is what you pay – Value is what you get.

I have my own story about glycol pumps which I’d like to share with all of you guys.  We'll call it "The Big Bang" - or - "When Things Go Wrong on the Job"

As a 21 years young apprentice working for Walter Zimmerly -one of the best HVAC contractors I ever met (Augsburg, Germany), I was in charge of picking up materials and tools for my crew and other crews and getting the items to the job sites the following morning.  I would typically receive a list at the end of the workday - after the various crews had already headed home.

One list contained a surprising item: “die SPUELMASCHINE” – if you translate the word to English – a Dishwasher! I looked all over the shelves and cabinets of our shop storage for a dishwasher and couldn’t find it! Finally, I worked it out; - hey we need a machine for glycol, so I need to look for a pump!

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