Nothing happens in business until someone sells something

You sell so that factory can produce the orders, so that the product can be shipped, so that administrative salaries can be paid, and so that the new solar heating system (condensing boiler, pumps etc.) needed for Mr. Bean's house can be purchased.

Selling also happens when you want the bank to loan you money or open the line of credit by the vendor. You must sell your vendor or banker on your ability to repay and perform.  In sales, you have to create your own miracles! Either you sell the customer on YES, or he sells you on NO.

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Protect and Perfect Your Installations

From our series on best-practices with RESOL DeltaSol Controllers.

RESOL controllers include a built-in control process optimization algorithm.  This optimization is based custom setup options - so the installer should learn to recognize and use these features effectively.

One of the Special Functions for control optimization is OTC - Tube Collector Special Function.

Control Optimization

I'd like call it a control optimization function for special Tube collectors. You see, the introduction of direct flow (Sydney type) vacuum tube collectors has made possible to mount collectors horizontally on flat roofs. The U-shaped tubing inside the vacuum tube conducts media to common headers.

The heat produced in the tube will not freely rise to the sensor well if the collector is installed horizontally. The resulting delay in the temperature readings necessary to start the circulator could create a problem, especially for systems with large collector arrays.

But this will not happen with the RESOL controller , my friends! The use of OTC function for that application will do the trick.

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Marketing for Solar Thermal Installers

Would you like fries with that?  That may be the most powerful question that's ever been asked in the history of the American marketing. It has produced billions of dollars worth of revenue.  It has spawned thousands of other up-selling questions in the same industry. ("Would you like a combo" is the second most powerful.) Everything goes from whopper to jumbo (which typically matches the belly of the person ordering them).
Every one reading this column has been asked the question "Would you like fries with that?" and has answered yes. (Some more than others.)
I don't know who created this question. But it is not just an example.  It's a lesson.

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RESOL controllers can do more then just control delta T. Every RESOL controller comes with a watchdog functionality built-in. But there is more than that inside of a DelatSol microprocessor controller! What about energy management and control process optimization? It has all that!

system_diagram.jpgIn the previous article we were talking about OREC - the recooling  function or Vacation Mode - a very useful function to keep the system operable (and your business profitable) and to prevent the overheating by low hot water consumption or no usage at all.

Another effective way to manage energy flow is to install multiload systems exactly how it's done in hydronic heating. Many of us have already used this technique to create dump loads like air handling units, tubing in the slab and panel radiators.

My point here is - does it create a benefit for your customer to blow away BTUs (dollars) he or she paid for in advance? Everything that we don't use - we lose! Think about it, please. Our goal should be to install a system which provides maximum energy use (not delivered) per dollar invested. Ok, back to the bolts and nuts of the DeltaSol controller.

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