For use in a closed loop design. Flow up to 21.1USgpm.

MW HS-Product Specification

In conjunction with boilers having high resistance (condensing) or when total flow rate of all parallel running circulators is higher than maximum flow rate of the boiler, the low-loss header provides hydraulic separation, decoupling boiler and system circuits from each other.

It is recommended to use the low-loss header in applications in which the total system flow rate exceeds the maximum boiler flow rate. PAW strongly recommends the use of a low-loss header in cases where the system head and flow rates are unknown.


Free 1.25" Hydronic Separator-21.1 GPM

21.1 GPM, 191 KBTU/h, 56KW

37421 NA

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Free 1.25" Hydronic Separator-11.5 GPM

11.5 GPM, 103KBTU/h, 30KW

3742 NA

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