ΔT=20⁰ F/11K, Max. Output/Range of Application is 56.7 KBTU/H 
Use high temperature zone modules K31 in closed loop design to supply high temperature zones, such as indirect water heaters, baseboards or fan coils units, or as modules for injection mixing. All supply and return lines are 3/4". Up to 9 high temperature modules can be installed on one manifold. Under certain conditions, such as with the use of a condensing boiler, K31 can be connected directly to the heat source, provided the following conditions apply:

Proper Flow is maintained through the heat source.

Heat Source can be set to desired temperature setting with no mixing required.

No minimum return fluid temperature is required for the heat source.

All the necessary conditions and piping practices, as outlined by the heat source manufacturer, are properly maintained.

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K31 Installation Manual

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