ΔT=20⁰ F/11K, Max. Output/Range of Application is 18.9 KBTU/H

Use in closed loop design. Low Temperature Zone Modules K33 equipped with an adjusted thermostatic actuator. K33 is designed to provide constant supply temperatures to the radiant system. Depending on the geographic location of the installation, periodic adjustments to the temperature may or may not be necessary. Rotating the dial of the thermostatic head to a higher number will provide for hotter temperatures.

The designer of the radiant system must ensured the range of temperatures provided by the control is suitable for the installation. The K33 can handle radiant load demands of up to 18.9K BTU's at a 20⁰F/11K differential. The mixing valve closes on temperature rise. Multiple K33 modules can be used to separate the distinctive temperature requirements between manifold. No special piping, just 2 connections and your installation is complete. 

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K33 User Manual

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