Use in closed loop design. Modular Design Distribution Manifolds allow parallel connection of multiple zone modules in order to customize any installation. Available in 2-to-6-sectional designs, for connection of 2 to 9 heating zones, they simplify installation, extremely shorten assembly time, providing cost and time savings.

Union connections make mounting of zone modules to the manifold fast and easy. Supply and return chambers of the manifold are thermally divided. Extension module allows trouble-free connection of additional zone modules to an existing system. No special piping, just 2 connections and your installation in complete.

Modular design, with patented thermal separation of the supply and return chambers;

Completely made of brass;

Completely pre-assembled;

Completely insulated with EPP;

Extremely low resistance, free flow diameter=50mm 2”;

Up to six pre-assembled manifold modules available;

Multiple boiler connections are possible, for higher outputs;

With wall bracket;

Free 2-Fold Manifold(1.25")

3712 NA

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Free 3-Fold Manifold(1.25")

3713 NA

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Free 4-Fold Manifold(1.25")

3714 NA

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Free 5-Fold Manifold(1.25")

3715 NA

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Free 6-Fold Manifold(1.25")

3716 NA

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