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Resol V40 flow meters look like normal impeller flow meters. It detects flowrate of water or water-glycol mixture and sends impulse signal to a resol controller or a resol external energy meter per 1L, 10L or 25L.  7 types of V40 flow meter are designed for different flow rates.

default RESOL V40 Flow Meter Data Sheet (268 KB)

Free V40-0.6/1.5/2.5
Free V40-3.5/6.0
Free V40-10
Free V40-15


grundfos direct sensors 500x500

Grundfos VFS, RPS, VFD and RPD sensors are all two-in-one sensors working with different liquid media such as water and Glycol. Grundfos VFS and VFD measure temperature and flowrate, and Grundfos RPS and RPD measure temperature and pressure.

Resol DeltaSol MX can directly work with Grundfos Sensor VFS, RPS, VFD, and RPD.

Resol DeltaSol BX PLUS can directly woth with Grundfos Sensor VFD and RPD

Resol DeltaSol BX can directly work with VFS and RPS.

Read more: Grundfos Direct Sensors

Free WMZ (V40 Input)
Free WMZ-G1( Grundfos Sensor Input)

Universal calorimeter module for solar and heating systems. Operation is directly carried out via the RESOL VBus®.

pdf Calorimeter WMZ - Technical Product Brief (588 KB)

pdf Calorimeter WMZ - Installation & User Manual (V40 input 115V) (1.36 MB)

pdf Calorimeter WMZ - Installation & User Manual( V40 input 24V) (1.39 MB)

pdf Calorimeter WMZ - Installation & User Manual (Grundfos Sensor) (1.34 MB)

Includes a graphic display for indication of flow and return temperature, heat quantity, output, flow rate and sensor faults (balance values are also stored in the case of a power failure).

Suited for solar systems with propylene-glycol-mixtures of 0 ... 70 Vol %.

Metric and Imperial Units are both available.

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