Hydronic Heating Modules

MW Hydraulic Separator for Modular Systems -3/4"

MW Hydraulic sepagator

For use in a closed loop design. Flow up to 2200 L/h (9.7 USgpm).

In conjunction with boilers having high resistance (condensing) or when total flow rate of all parallel running circulators is higher than maximum flow rate of the boiler, the low-loss header provides hydraulic separation, decoupling boiler and system circuits from each other.

default MW HS-Product Specification (300 KB)

default MW HS - Installation & User Manual (456 KB)

It is recommended to use the low-loss header in applications in which the total system flow rate exceeds the maximum boiler flow rate. PAW strongly recommends the use of a hydraulic separator in cases where the system head and flow rates are unknown.