Air vents in hydronic systems remove  air accumulated in heating and cooling systems. This averts air staying in systems damages hydronic devices and improves system performance. Air vents prevent:

- corrosion due to the oxygen;

- pockets of air trapped in the heating emitters;

- cavitation in the circulation pumps;

- noise from air passing through the pipes.


The components used for the elimination of air like float, sliding guide zones, spring and mechanism stem are made of stainless steel.

Extra high capacity air vent is ideal for use in large piping systems and can also be installed in horizontal piping. The valve body and cover are made of forged brass while the filter, valve stem, float and spring are all made of stainless steel to prevent the formation of rust.


501 maxcal

Automatic air vent for heating and air conditioning. Brass body and cover, stainless steel internal components. Extra high discharge capacity.

Max. working pressure: 230 psi.

Max. discharge pressure: 90 psi.

Max. discharge rate: 9 SCFM.

Working temperature range: -4 – 250°F.

Inlet 3/4" NPT female; Discharge Top Thread: 3/8" female.




Automatic air vent.  Brass body.

Max. working pressure: 150 psi.

Max. discharge pressure: 40 psi.

Max. discharge rate: 1.75 SCFM.

Max. working temperature: 250°F.

502015A     1/8" NPT male

502043A     1/2" NPT male   Hygroscopic Safty Air Vent Cap

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