Free Handheld Refractometer

This model is designed to measure freezing point of Propylene Glycol mixture .  Checking the fluid will allow you to measure your solar antifreeze

default Solar Glycol and Service Tools - Brochure (1.10 MB)

default Handheld Propylene Glycol Mixture Refractometer - Manual (294 KB)

The refractometer will ensure that your solar installation is not going to freeze in winter. No more guessing!


  • Range: -60 to 32⁰F (-50 to 0⁰C) for Propylene glycol freeze point; 0 to 60% Propylene glycol concentration
  • Resolutions: 2.5⁰F (1⁰C) Propylene glycol freeze point  /       1% Propylene glycol concentration
  • Dimensions: 6.5×1.5×1.5” (165×38×38mm)
  • Weight:7.0 oz. (200g)

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