Free Resol DeltaSol BX PLUS

RESOL DeltaSol BX Plus controller is meeting users' requests economically. There are 10 sensor terminals and 5 semiconductor relay outputs for variable speed pump control. Two of sensor terminals are designed for connecting a CS10 solar cell  and RESOL V40 flow meter. A built-in PWM port is used to ccontrol high-efficiency pump, and two digital sensors ports allow the BX plus controller to work with digital Grundfos direct flow/pressure sensors. A BX plus controller is able to work with 2 RESOL extention modules simutaneously and kinds of RESOL vbus devices. Besides, a SD card in an integrated  BX plus card slot helps log in live data and easily transfer data from the controller to PCs.

default RESOLDeltaSol BX Plus - Installation & User Manual (6.43 MB)

default Resol DeltaSol BX PLUS Function Layout (186 KB)


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