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Plug & Play Solar Thermal
Do-it-Yourself Kits,
Other Systems
Installers: Do More Projects on Time and Within Budget
Plug & Play Easy-Installation check Nope!
System Flexibility (Easy to Expand even late in the Project) check Nope!
All Parts Included, Predictable Costs check Varies
German Design, Pre-Tested for Reliability and Interoperability check Nope!
Wide Compatibility with Major Heat Sources
and System Layouts on the market
check Nope!
Wholesalers: Cut Time on Ordering, Stocking, Trips to the Job Site and More...
Packaged System - Ensures Efficient VolumePills Ordering and Stocking check Nope!
Reduced Design Time - Our systems are Modular and Repeatable,
They are easy to specify
check Nope!
Reduced Troubleshooting, Our Representatives Help check Varies
End Users: Benefit from the Quality of the Modular Heating Systems Available
Modular Systems reduce mechanic room size,
thereby reducing construction costs and adding property resale value
check check
Stylish Aesthetic Module Design check Varies
Proven Performance at Reducing Utility Bills:
Our compact mechanical modules reduce materials and standby heat losses over site-plumbed systems
check Varies
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