Free Solarnetix Automix 10 Controller

The Solarnetix Automix 10 is an advanced, compact outdoor reset control for hydronic radiator and radiant floor heating applications.

The Automix 10 works continuously and proportionally. Through impulses from the sensors the control resets the supply water temperature as the outdoor temperature changes.

The Automix 10 includes a min. and max. limits for the supply water temperature and a freeze protection feature. The product is delivered factory-wired which minimizes installation problems in the field.  The main supply and all sensors have plug-in connections.

A Quick and easy Plug & Play installation saves time and money.

Type of control : PI-control with microprocessor
Voltage : 18 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Adapter : 115/18 VAC 200 mA with 6 ft. wire
Power consumption : 3 VA0

The Automix 10 includes:

  • 1. Valve motor AUTOMIX 10 with built-in electronics
  • 2. Mounting kit
  • 3. Power Adapter (24V) with 1.7 m wire
  • 4. Supply water sensor T1 with 1 m wire
  • 5. Outdoor sensor T2 with 15 m wire
  • 6. Room sensor AUTOMIX 10 RB with 15 m wire (optional)
  • 7. Remote control AUTOMIX 10 RC with 15 m wire (optional)
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