Free Resol DeltaSol BS/2-V2

CTUVUS Certified

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349.00 CAD ( Free Shipping in US and CA)

The RESOL controller for standard Solar Thermal Systems.  Includes Speed Control and Drainback Functions. 

default BS/2 - Technical Product Brief (1.21 MB)

default BS/2 - Installation & User Manual (2.49 MB)   

  BS/2 - Applications




Free SunEarth SEProX Controller

CTUVUS Certified

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399.00 CAD (Free Shipping in US and CA)

The SEProX is RESOL DeltaSol BX controller OEM Version. It is equipped with 4 relay outputs as well as 2 PWM outputs for the speed control of energy-saving high-efficiency pumps; one of the PWM outputs can be  converted into a 0-10 V signal output. Additionally, the controller comes with 5 Pt1000 sensor inputs, two analog Grundfos sensor inputs ( Except GEN-5 VFS/RPS version), an impulse input as well as a supplemental fused output (L' ) for the connection of an actuator. The integrated SD memory card slot enables an easy datalogging to an SD memory card as well as a quick and effortless transfer of logged system data to a PC. The extra-large display enables a precise visualization of the system status. Pre-defined functions allow easier setup of the system; functional additions such as a drainback function extend the range of applications. The SEProX has a RESOL VBus® and works with all RESOL VBus devices: KM2, DL2, DL2PLUS or DL3 e.t.c. 

SEProX controller  is CSA/UL listed.


SEProX controller, 2X FKP6 sensors, 3X FRP6 sensors, User manual and Accessory Bag


SUNEARTH SEProX - Product Information

  SUNEARTH SEProX- Applications




Free MX Controller Full Kit_1

Resol DeltaSol MX controller Full Kit.

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Resol DeltaSol MX controller is a free-programmable controller with 15 inputs and 14 relay outputs; MX gives you flexibility to combine solar thermal and hydronic heating functions to control your solar and/or hydronic systems. For example, "Function Block" logic of the MX allows you to apply two temperature settings, one temperature differential and 4 reference relay logics: OR, AND, NOR and NAND to control a relay output. A MX controller includes all possible logics for a solar thermal system and popular hydronic heating/cooling control logics, heating/cooling mode switch over automatically,  as well as energy saving logic when solar heating and hydronic heating work together. 

It is an all-in-one human interface controller for solar thermal, hydronic heating, hydronic cooling control, and can be applied to convential heat sources and heat pump systems.

You can find more details at our website: Resol DeltaSol MX,  

 Up to date firmware 2.0.8              Resol MX Installation Manual


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