Free Pro-Sol Propylene Glycol

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Solarnetix offers: 190.00 CAD per Pail 

ProSol Glycol is working fluid in solar thermal/hydronic heating system. 
ProSol 50%-50% premixed reversible propylene glycol specialized for heat transfer purpose. It resists extremely high and low temperature.

The premixed 50%-50% ProSol glycol with chemical additives overcomes the shortage of glycol going bad easily.

Appearance ------------------------------ Clear, yellow coloured liquid 
3 Density 20ºC (68ºF) ------------------ 1060.0 kg/m3 (66.17 lb/ft3) 
Refractive index 22ºC (72ºF) ---------- 1.3903 
pH Value ----------------------------------- 9.5 - 10.7 
Reserve Alkalinity (min) ----------------- 20.0 ml 
Viscosity 10ºC (50ºF) ------------------- 10.6481mPas (10.65 cps) 
Boiling Point ºC @ 101 kPa ------------- 106 
(ºF @ 760 mmHg) ------------------------ 222 
Flash Point --------------------------------- none 
Water content ----------------------------- 46 - 50% 

Burst Protection ºC/ºF---------------------------------- -46/-50

Freeze and Burst Protection at Viarious Temperature

Weight: 23KG 
Volume: 20 L ( 5 GAL) 
Dimensions: 30X30X40 CM

Free Solarcheck Toolkit for Testing Thermal Solar Systems

Solarnetix Offer:499.99 CAD

The Solarnetix Solarcheck Toolkit provides a full resource kit for Solar Thermal and Hydronic Maintainence.

Included: Precision Pressure Gauge, Compass 3 Screwdriver, Circuit tester, Infrared thermometer, Digital pH-tester, Refractometer, Inspection sticker (12 pieces), Reference sticker (12 pieces), Measuring glass, Air vent key, Distilled water, Syringe, Calibration screwdriver.

Free Inspection & Reference Stickers

Solarnetix Offer: 11.99 CAD

Replacement Sticker "Fill with original medium!"; 12 each.

Replacement Sticker "Next Service"; 12 each.


Free PH tester & Handheld Refractometer

Solarnetix Offer: 120.00 CAD

Read more: Ph tester and handheld Refractometer

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