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Resol FlowSol B dual-Line pump station is used to be installed in solar hot water system primary loop. The pre-wired Wilo Star S21 three speed pump is controlled by a RESOL controller based on solar collector(s) and solar tank temperature differential. 

Major features: 

  •  Safety assembly with connection for the diaphragm-type expansion vessel, safety valve and pressure gauge
  •  Fill and drain valves
  • Wall mounting bracket and mounting material
  • Design insulation
  • Standard pump
  • Ball valves in flow and return
  • Air separator

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Free K32 Stand-Alone MIxing Station

Mixing Station W/ 24V Actuator

Grundfos Alpha2 15-55

DN25 (1")  &  DN32 (1.25")

Solarnetix Offer:  DN32 (1.25") Module with Actuator & Grundfos Alpha2 15-55:  1200.00 CAD

                              DN25 (1") Module with Actuator & Grundfos Alpha2 15-55 :       1000.00 CAD

dT=20° F/11K, Max. Output/Range of Application is 63 KBTU/H @ 1" Module

dT=20° F/11K, Max. Output/Range of Application is 96 KBTU/H @1.25" Module

Use in closed loop design. Low Temperature Zone Module K32 replaces conventional injection mixing systems. In conjunction with an electronic reset control and direct drive actuator, the K32 modulates a 3-way valve, diverts and mixes radiant return water with hot water from the boiler. The constant speed system circulator delivers the required water temperature to the radiant loop manifolds.

The K32 can handle radiant load demands of up to 114 KBTU’s@1"module,up to 174 KBTU’s @ 1.25"Module . Your current method of zoning the radiant loops (manifolds, zone valves, etc.) does not change with the installation of the K32. Multiple K32 modules can be used to separate the distinctive temperature requirements between manifolds. No special piping, just 2 connections and your installation in complete.

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Free Grundfos Alpha2 15-55F/LC (99163906)

115V  60Hz

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Solarnetix Offer: 245.00 CAD/ea   or     225.00 CAD/each, Min. Order  2 units.                     

Grundfos ALPHA2 15-55F/LC pumps are ECM circulators, designed for circulating liquids in hydronic heating systems and for domestic hot-water recirculation. The pump features AUTOADAPT and Constant  ΔP  automatically adjusts the pump to heating demands for lowest energy consumption and hydronic balance.

**It is also the repacement pump for Solarnetix supplied Modular Hydronic Pump Stations at 1" and 1-1/4" size**

Technical Specifications: 

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