Free Solarcheck Toolkit for Testing Thermal Solar Systems

The Solarnetix Solarcheck Toolkit provides a full resource kit for Solar Thermal and Hydronic Maintainence.

default Solarnetix SolarCheck - User Manual (1.29 MB)

Included: Precision Pressure Gauge, Compass 3 Screwdriver, Circuit tester, Infrared thermometer, Digital pH-tester, Refractometer, Inspection sticker (12 pieces), Reference sticker (12 pieces), Measuring glass, Air vent key, Distilled water, Syringe, Calibration screwdriver

Free Handheld Refractometer

This model is designed to measure freezing point of Propylene Glycol mixture .  Checking the fluid will allow you to measure your solar antifreeze

default Solar Glycol and Service Tools - Brochure (1.10 MB)

default Handheld Propylene Glycol Mixture Refractometer - Manual (294 KB)

The refractometer will ensure that your solar installation is not going to freeze in winter. No more guessing!

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