Solar Self-Engineering Package

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** Well Preparation and Smooth Installation **-We assist you to be a superinstaller!

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Solar Collector:

Qty=2                    Dimplex glazed flat collector  (OG100 certification)                      

Qty=2                    Mounting Kit 1X DSCA

Qty=2                    Fitting Unit Compression ¾”

Qty=1                    ¾" Female thread x ½" NPT F x 22mm comp

Qty=1                    ¾" F thread x 22mm comp

Qty=2                    Fitting End-stop Compression

Expansion Tank:

Qty=1                    Brand: Zilmet Solar Expansion Tank, 25L or 6.6 Gal, ¾” NPT

                              (or Brand: Zilmet Solar Expansion Tank, 35L or 9.2 Gal, ¾” NPT)

Qty=1                    Expansion Tank Mounting/Connection Kit

Pump Station:

Qty=1                    Pre-wired Dual Line Pump station, Wilo S21 ( UL Listed), ¾” connection

                              Flow Rate: 0.25Gpm-2.4Gpm ( 1-13L/min)

                              Pressure Relief Valve: 87 Psi

                              Resol BS PLUS controller with 10 system layouts pre-programmed

                              Accessories & 3 sensors               

Qty=1                    Resol DL2 datalogger ( for remote monitroing and remote programming at

Solar Storage Tank:

Qty=1                    Indirect Storage Tank , single coil, with 1 ¾” /45 mm polyurethane foam insulation

                              Heat Exchanger area is 1.558 m2( 12.454 ft2)

                              Heat Exchanger Volume 6.67 L ( 1.76 Gal)

                              Porcelain enamel meets ATM C313; CSA C309

Solar System Air Vent:

Qty=1                  Caleffi Solar heating System Air Vent

                            Automatic air vent for solar systems

                            Working temperature range: -20—360ºF. Max.working pressure: 150 psi. Max. discharge pressure: 75 psi.

Qty=1                  Caleffi Solar heating System Shut Off Valve

Solar Propylene Glycol-50%

Qty=2                  Solar ProSol Glycol, 5 Gal/Pail

Solar Flex Pipe

Qty=1                  1 case of Solar Flex Pipe, 100 Feet. 3/4" OD(5/8" ID) with fittings, cutting tool

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