The RESOL Delta Sol® MX is a system controller offering almost endless possibilities in planning and controlling solar thermal systems, hydronic heating/cooling systems. It is equipped with 14 relay outputs and 4 PWM outputs for the speed control of ECM pumps. Additionally, the controller has three impulse inputs as well as a range of different sensor inputs. up to 5 EM Extension modules can be connected via the RESOL vBus®. The integrated SD memory card slot enables an easy datalogging to an SD memory card and a quick, effortless transfer of logged data to a PC.

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The RESOL controllers for standard solar thermal systems. The DeltaSol® BS series provides a clear operating concept. The intuitive commissioning menu leads you through the initial confi guration in only a few steps.

The system selected is shown on the display, the status of the individual components is indicated by means of fl ashing codes.The DeltaSol® BS series is available in 3 versions, depending on the demands. Details concerning the number of the relays as well as additional functions are shown in the technical data.

The RESOL controller for standard Solar Thermal Systems including BS/2, BS/4 and BS PLUS controllers with a heat dump function, drainback functionality including a booster function, and more.

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RESOL DeltaSol BX Plus controller is meeting users' requests economically. There are 10 sensor terminals and 5 semiconductor relay outputs for variable speed pump control. Two of sensor terminals are designed for connecting a CS10 solar cell  and RESOL V40 flow meter. A built-in PWM port is used to ccontrol high-efficiency pump, and two digital sensors ports allow the BX plus controller to work with digital Grundfos direct flow/pressure sensors. A BX plus controller is able to work with 2 RESOL extention modules simutaneously and kinds of RESOL vbus devices. Besides, a SD card in an integrated  BX plus card slot helps log in live data and easily transfer data from the controller to PCs.

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The DeltaSol® Pool is a controller for heating a swimming pool by means of solar collectors and optimized operation of the filter system.

Backup heating of the swimming pool is varied according to solar power and pool demand, thus saving expensive energy.

The controller has many additional pool functions such as: additional filter runtime, maximum limitation of flow temperature and a flushing function.

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The Resol DeltaSol BX has 26 preprogrammed system layouts and extra large display. 5 PT1000 temperature sensor terminals, 2 PWM terminals, 2 grundfos analog sensor ports and 4 semiconductor relay outputs are equiped and executing functions in the controller include Delta T control, pump speed control, pump PWM control, cooling modes, tank loading priority logic, energy metering and more.

Resol DeltaSol BX L controller is designed to control East-West collector fields with 2 and 3 solar tanks performing in 9 pre-programmed system laytouts are . 5 PT1000 temperature sensor inputs, V40 flowmeter input and 4 semiconductor relay outputs. Functions cover Delta T control, pump speed control, energy metering, operating hours record of solar pump, tank loading priority logic and more.

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