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  • Remote access to the system via the visualisation portal
  • Comfortable system parameterisation via the RESOL RPT Parameterisation Tool
  • Wi-Fi Connection (WLAN) functionality
  • Suitable for all RESOL controllers with VBus®    
  • Firmware updates via Internet

Power supply:
Mains adapter: 100 – 240 V~, 1A /12 V ⎓, 1 A (Level 6)
Communication module: 12 V ⎓, 120 mA
Electrical energy source: ES1 (EN 62368-1)
Electrical power source: PS1 (EN 62368-1)
Thermal energy source: TS1 (EN 62368-1)
Mechanical energy source: MS1 (EN 62368-1)
Power consumption: < 1.75 W
Data interface: RESOL VBus® for the connection to the controller, 10/100 Base TX Ethernet, Auto MDIX, WLAN 2.4~2.4835 GHz
Housing: plastic
Mounting: wall mounting (optional)
Indication/Display: operating control LED
Ingress protection: IP 20 / EN 60529
Protection class: III
Ambient temperature: 0 … 40 °C
Dimensions: 95 × 70 × 25 mm
WLAN encryption: WPA / PSK, WPA2 / PSK
Maximum altitude: 2000 m above MSL

Free Resol Datalogger DL2

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Resol Datalogger 2 incl. RESOL ServiceCenter Software.Ready to plug in, with power supply, VBus® and null modem line.

This additional module enables the acquisition and storage of large amounts of data (such as measuring and balance values of the solar system) over a long period of time.

The DL2 can be configured and read-out with a standard internet browser via its integrated web interface.

For transmission of the data stored in the internal memory of the DL2 to a PC, an SD card can be used. The DL2 is appropriate for all controllers with RESOL VBus®. The datalogger can be connected directly to a PC or router for remote enquiry and thus enables comfortable system monitoring for yield monitoring or for diagnostics of faults.


  • Remote access to the system via the visualisation portal
  • Comfortable system parameterisation via the RESOL RPT Parameterisation Tool
  • Internal memory for datalogging
  • Data transfer via SD card
  • Firmware updates via Internet or SD card
  • Suitable for all RESOL controllers with VBus®

Read more: Resol Datalogger DL2

  • VBus_Touch_Vert
  • vbus_touch_horz

VBus®Touch. It is a software especially designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

It displays both live data and a progression chart of the solar system at any place in the world, provided that the system is run by a RESOL controller equipped with a VBus® interface and a datalogger connected to the Internet via LAN.

default RESOL VBus Touch - Technical Product Brief (499 KB)

Example Usage Video default | Resol Web Site (539 KB)

  • RSC1
  • RSC2
  • RSC3

ServiceCenter's modular design enables PC-recording of the data measured by the controller, editing of the data files for further processing by standard spreadsheet programs and visualization of individual systems with all measuring and balancing values.

VBus®-record: All measuring and balance values received by VBus® are filed in a text file; this file can be processed by a standard spreadsheet program

Designer: Allows the positioning of the VBus®-values on a customized background graphic; in this way, system visualisations for any solar system can be presented in real-time

Datalogger: Manage any number of dataloggers; the ServiceCenter establishes connection at the push of a button, reads out the data, if necessary, deletes data from the logger and converts data into a text file.

Parametrisation: DeltaSol® BS/1-4, BS Plus, ES, E, M can be easily configurated on PC; the values are checked on domains and possible overlappings are transferred by VBus® to the controller.

Remote parameterisation of RESOL controllers

RPT parameterisation tool
The RPT parameterisation tool is a software that enables the remote parameterisation of the following RESOL controllers:

DeltaSol® BS/2 V2     DeltaSol® BS/4 V2     DeltaSol® BS Plus V2     

DeltaSol® BX/BXL        DeltaSol® BXL         DeltaSol® MX

Read more: Resol RPT parameterisation tool


The new VBus®/LAN interface adapter is the interface between the controller and a personal computer. It allows end users to access to their solar system by Internal Network.

Data collection, controller programming and live data diagram are available at any of computer connecting to the Internal Network.

**Firmware Download**


The new VBus®/USB interface adapter is the interface between the controller and a personal computer.

A standard mini-USB port it enables fast transmission of system data for processing, visualizing and archiving as well as the parametrization of the controller via the VBus®.

A full version of the RESOL ServiceCenter Software is included.


The RESOL VBus®/ PWM interface adapter enables the speed control of two high-efficiency pumps even without an integrated PWM output on the system controller.

default RESOL VBus - Technical Product Brief (620 KB)

The adapter is installed between the VBus® output of the controller and the PWM input of the high efficiency pump, where it transforms the VBus® data packets into a 0-10 Vor a PWM signal.

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