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Resol Datalogger 2 incl. RESOL ServiceCenter Software.Ready to plug in, with power supply, VBus® and null modem line.

This additional module enables the acquisition and storage of large amounts of data (such as measuring and balance values of the solar system) over a long period of time.

The DL2 can be configured and read-out with a standard internet browser via its integrated web interface.

For transmission of the data stored in the internal memory of the DL2 to a PC, an SD card can be used. The DL2 is appropriate for all controllers with RESOL VBus®. The datalogger can be connected directly to a PC or router for remote enquiry and thus enables comfortable system monitoring for yield monitoring or for diagnostics of faults.


  • Remote access to the system via the visualisation portal
  • Comfortable system parameterisation via the RESOL RPT Parameterisation Tool
  • Internal memory for datalogging
  • Data transfer via SD card
  • Firmware updates via Internet or SD card
  • Suitable for all RESOL controllers with VBus®

Technical Specifications:

Power supply: 
input voltage of mains adapter: 100 ... 240 V~ (50 ... 60 Hz) 
rated current: 350 mA
input voltage of datalogger: 5V DC ± 5 %
Data interface: VBus® for the connection to the controller, LAN
Housing: plastic, PC-ABS and PMMA
Mounting: wall mounting
Indication/Display: bar LED for monitoring the memory capacity, 1 illuminated pushbutton for indication of the SD card status
Ingress protection: IP 20 / IEC 60529
Protection class: III
Ambient temperature: 0 ... 40 °C
Dimensions: Ø 130 mm, depth 45 mm
Memory: 160 MB internal memory, with a logging interval of 5 min. sufficient for: 
• 18 months for a system with one DeltaSol® MX, 3 EM, 3 heating circuits and 1 HQM 
• 21 months for a system with one DeltaSol® MX, 1 EM and 1 heating circuit
• 30 months for a system with one DeltaSol® MX

Firmware Version: 2.2.4

default Datalogger DL2 - Technical Product Brief (452 KB)

default Datalogger DL2 - Installation & User Manual (1.14 MB)



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