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ServiceCenter's modular design enables PC-recording of the data measured by the controller, editing of the data files for further processing by standard spreadsheet programs and visualization of individual systems with all measuring and balancing values.

VBus®-record: All measuring and balance values received by VBus® are filed in a text file; this file can be processed by a standard spreadsheet program

Designer: Allows the positioning of the VBus®-values on a customized background graphic; in this way, system visualisations for any solar system can be presented in real-time

Datalogger: Manage any number of dataloggers; the ServiceCenter establishes connection at the push of a button, reads out the data, if necessary, deletes data from the logger and converts data into a text file.

Parametrisation: DeltaSol® BS/1-4, BS Plus, ES, E, M can be easily configurated on PC; the values are checked on domains and possible overlappings are transferred by VBus® to the controller.

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